Floor Plans

Amenities make life better, that’s for sure; so do smartly-designed floor plans. At Galtier Towers Apartments, we combine the two, add modern convenience, and even throw in the historic charm of Lowertown to make your dream home come true. Our luxury studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments for rent in St. Paul, MN, are not only perfect for any city dweller but come with all the high-end finishes and fixtures you crave.

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor PlanMurray Bed/BathStudio / 1 330Square feet Monthly Rent$969 -to $1,406 Deposit$300

Floor PlanBlue Earth Bed/BathStudio / 1 352Square feet Monthly Rent$909 -to $1,430 Deposit$300

Floor PlanGoodhue Bed/BathStudio / 1 354Square feet Monthly Rent$914 -to $1,436 Deposit$300

Floor PlanHubbard Bed/BathStudio / 1 368Square feet Monthly Rent$930 -to $1,454 Deposit$300

Floor PlanItaska Bed/BathStudio / 1 390Square feet Monthly Rent$864 -to $1,377 Deposit$300

Floor PlanKittson Bed/BathStudio / 1 406Square feet Monthly Rent$909 -to $1,430 Deposit$300

Floor PlanWaseca Bed/BathStudio / 1 429Square feet Monthly Rent$1,145 -to $1,598 Deposit$300

Floor PlanChippewa Bed/BathStudio / 1 429Square feet Monthly Rent$979 -to $1,513 Deposit$300

Floor PlanRed Lake Bed/BathStudio / 1 433Square feet Monthly Rent$954 -to $1,497 Deposit$300

Floor PlanRock Bed/BathStudio / 1 439Square feet Monthly Rent$1,207 -to $1,704 Deposit$300

Floor PlanNobles Bed/BathStudio / 1 454Square feet Monthly Rent$1,235 -to $1,730 Deposit$300

Floor PlanSt. Louis and Stevens Bed/BathStudio / 1 461Square feet Monthly Rent$1,174 -to $1,673 Deposit$300

Floor PlanClay Bed/BathStudio / 1 463Square feet Monthly Rent$1,161 -to $1,614 Deposit$300

Floor PlanWinona Bed/BathStudio / 1 489Square feet Monthly Rent$1,137 -to $1,588 Deposit$300

Floor PlanKanabec, Stearns and Traverse Bed/BathStudio / 1 502Square feet Monthly Rent$1,150 -to $1,663 Deposit$300

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor PlanRenville Bed/Bath1 / 1 566Square feet Monthly Rent$1,308 -to $1,635 Deposit$300

Floor PlanMeeker Bed/Bath1 / 1 569Square feet Monthly Rent$1,197 -to $1,630 Deposit$300

Floor PlanMorrison Bed/Bath1 / 1 581Square feet Monthly Rent$1,224 -to $1,675 Deposit$300

Floor PlanBenton Bed/Bath1 / 1 600Square feet Monthly Rent$1,227 -to $1,657 Deposit$300

Floor PlanBrown and Big Stone Bed/Bath1 / 1 620Square feet Monthly Rent$1,339 -to $1,803 Deposit$300

Floor PlanBecker Bed/Bath1 / 1 659Square feet Monthly Rent$1,271 -to $1,734 Deposit$300

Floor PlanWabasha Bed/Bath1 / 1 661Square feet Monthly Rent$1,223 -to $1,711 Deposit$300

Floor PlanOttertail Bed/Bath1 / 1 671Square feet Monthly Rent$1,336 -to $1,781 Deposit$300

Floor PlanTodd Bed/Bath1 / 1 672Square feet Monthly Rent$1,310 -to $1,769 Deposit$300

Floor PlanSherbourne Bed/Bath1 / 1 680Square feet Monthly Rent$1,325 -to $1,865 Deposit$300

Floor PlanGrant and Houston Bed/Bath1 / 1 691Square feet Monthly Rent$1,400 -to $1,870 Deposit$300

Floor PlanCarlton and Freeborn Bed/Bath1 / 1 695Square feet Monthly Rent$1,359 -to $1,805 Deposit$300

Floor PlanCottonwood Bed/Bath1 / 1 703Square feet Monthly Rent$1,365 -to $1,724 Deposit$300

Floor PlanChisago Bed/Bath1 / 1 765Square feet Monthly Rent$1,395 -to $1,864 Deposit$300

Floor PlanSteele Bed/Bath1 / 1 778Square feet Monthly Rent$1,443 -to $1,924 Deposit$300

Floor PlanNicollet Bed/Bath1 / 1 780Square feet Monthly Rent$1,367 -to $1,834 Deposit$300

Floor PlanSwift Bed/Bath1 / 1 786Square feet Monthly Rent$1,521 -to $2,189 Deposit$300

Floor PlanLake Bed/Bath1 / 1 849Square feet Monthly Rent$1,367 -to $1,811 Deposit$300

Floor PlanCass 1 Den Bed/Bath1 / 1 926Square feet Monthly Rent$1,522 -to $2,009 Deposit$300

Floor PlanNorman Bed/Bath1 / 1 659Square feet Monthly Rent$1,332 -to $1,767 Deposit$300

Floor PlanCook 1 Den Bed/Bath1 / 1 933Square feet Monthly Rent$1,526 -to $1,988 Deposit$300

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor PlanSibley and Wilken Bed/Bath2 / 2 1000Square feet Monthly Rent$1,701 -to $2,072 Deposit$300

Floor PlanJackson Bed/Bath2 / 2 1002Square feet Monthly Rent$1,670 -to $2,282 Deposit$300

Floor PlanLyon Bed/Bath2 / 2 1040Square feet Monthly Rent$1,703 -to $2,151 Deposit$300

Floor PlanScott and Aitken Bed/Bath2 / 2 1016Square feet Monthly Rent$1,754 -to $2,080 Deposit$300

Floor PlanPine Bed/Bath2 / 2 1035Square feet Monthly Rent$1,570 -to $1,896 Deposit$300

Floor PlanMartin Bed/Bath2 / 2 1039Square feet Monthly Rent$1,803 -to $2,221 Deposit$300

Floor PlanPope and Roseau Bed/Bath2 / 2 1047Square feet Monthly Rent$1,681 -to $2,154 Deposit$300

Floor PlanDodge Bed/Bath2 / 2 1056Square feet Monthly Rent$1,799 -to $2,150 Deposit$300

Floor PlanBeltrami Bed/Bath2 / 2 1058Square feet Monthly Rent$1,772 -to $2,098 Deposit$300

Floor PlanAnoka Bed/Bath2 / 2 1076Square feet Monthly Rent$1,779 -to $2,130 Deposit$300

Floor PlanPipestone Bed/Bath2 / 2 1086Square feet Monthly Rent$1,823 -to $2,242 Deposit$300

Floor PlanFilmore Bed/Bath2 / 2 1101Square feet Monthly Rent$1,535 -to $1,780 Deposit$300

Floor PlanLincoln Bed/Bath2 / 2 1113Square feet Monthly Rent$1,802 -to $2,219 Deposit$300

Floor PlanWashington Bed/Bath2 / 2 1123Square feet Monthly Rent$1,809 -to $2,152 Deposit$300

Floor PlanWright Bed/Bath2 / 2 1128Square feet Monthly Rent$1,742 -to $2,159 Deposit$300

Floor PlanRedwood Bed/Bath2 / 2 1131Square feet Monthly Rent$1,701 -to $1,975 Deposit$300

Floor PlanRice Bed/Bath2 / 2 1132Square feet Monthly Rent$1,610 -to $1,924 Deposit$300

Floor PlanPennington Bed/Bath2 / 2 1135Square feet Monthly Rent$1,669 -to $2,210 Deposit$300

Floor PlanRamsey Bed/Bath2 / 2 1144Square feet Monthly Rent$1,893 -to $2,313 Deposit$300

Floor PlanClearwater Bed/Bath2 / 2 1167Square feet Monthly Rent$1,849 -to $2,327 Deposit$300

Floor PlanPolk Bed/Bath2 / 2 1177Square feet Monthly Rent$1,958 -to $2,379 Deposit$300

Floor PlanDakota Bed/Bath2 / 2 1186Square feet Monthly Rent$1,922 -to $2,248 Deposit$300

Floor PlanDouglas 2 Den Bed/Bath2 / 2 1210Square feet Monthly Rent$2,003 -to $2,424 Deposit$300

Floor PlanOlmsted Bed/Bath2 / 2 1221Square feet Monthly Rent$1,862 -to $2,150 Deposit$300

Floor PlanIsanti Bed/Bath2 / 2 1238Square feet Monthly Rent$1,807 -to $2,225 Deposit$300

Floor PlanHennepen & Carver Bed/Bath2 / 2 910Square feet Monthly Rent$1,923 -to $2,084 Deposit$300

Floor PlanKandiyohi Bed/Bath2 / 2 993Square feet Monthly Rent$1,682 -to $2,150 Deposit$300


A Floor Plan For Every Style
Snug or spacious? With a den or a balcony? Lower maintenance or with plenty of space to splurge on? Our extensive collection of floor plans includes over 60 unique layouts so that you will have no problem finding the place that suits your style perfectly. Starting at 330 square feet and going all the way up to 1,238 square feet, our studio, one, and two-bedroom apartments match any requirements. Enjoy generous closet space, chic kitchens, and modern living areas, as well as first-rate features such as stainless-steel appliances and large vanities.

Views That Can’t Be Beat
Living in Lowertown wouldn’t be half as exciting without the mesmerizing views of the St. Paul’s skyline. Overlooking the bustling downtown, Mears Park, and Mississippi River, our apartments look and feel deeply urban. The same birds-eye views can also be enjoyed from our rooftop community area featuring a resort-inspired pool, an elite clubroom, and a first-floor cutting-edge fitness center. Schedule a tour of our community to get a closer look at our studio, one, and, two-bedroom apartments for rent in St. Paul. Your dream home awaits!